About Us

The Blake Group creates timeless and beautiful spaces. Whether it’s a single family home or a bathroom remodel, our designs are anything but ordinary.

Our Process

We understand that doing work on your home can be intimidating. It shouldn’t be, which is why we’ve been so successful. At the Blake Group, we will walk you through each step to ensure a smooth and precise process.

First, we want to get to know you and understand your needs. We want to understand how you live, your goals and your style. We spend a lot of time thinking about how you, your family and friends will move about the space, utilize it, and live in it. Then, we’ll create a tailored design just for you. By using 3-D technology we will let you “walk” through each room to experience it before it’s ever built. Lastly, we’ll execute the work flawlessly while respecting your budget and time frame—no ifs, ands or buts. We guarantee you’ll love the end result!


Our experience with The Blake Group was extraordinary. We were faced with a difficult time frame because our closing date and move-in date were only two months apart. The Blake Group made sure that everything was planned ahead of time, down to the smallest detail. Extensive meetings were held to decide on what work needed to be done, and as a result, we were given plans that directly reflected our requirements.

The complete plans they provided included the demolishing and then the building of a master bathroom, the building of a walk-in closet in part of a too big master bedroom, and a brilliant plan to take down a wall separating the dining and living rooms which gave us a very open large room with a newly lowered ceiling. These creative ideas and others have made a big difference in our lifestyle and use of the apartment. The workmanship of The Blake Group was first class and in addition, their adherence to our budget was greatly appreciated. I would highly recommend Rich Gillman and his Blake Group. Our apartment was ready the day that we had to move in. And we love it!

Herb R.

Working with The Blake Group was a fantastic experience. We have lived in our wonderful home for over 30 years—unfortunately, there was one big character flaw and that was the master bathroom. Besides having a dated look, the original design was choppy and never really met our needs. Together with Rich and Jen, we evaluated many new design configurations. They used 3-D technology to make the process much more effective—we could literally envision the impact of the new design.

The process included a needs analysis and during that process, Rich suggested by eliminating our old bathtub, which we never used, we could benefit from that added space, including a much needed luxurious shower. Additionally, by removing a few walls that separated a dressing area from the rest of the bathroom, the impact to the overall space was incredible. I could go on about the changes but I will just speak to the result—we have a stunning bathroom that looks spectacular that both my husband and I adore.

Furthermore, the workmen and craftsmanship might be the best we’ve ever experienced. The crew was very knowledgeable, timely, and diligent in every way. And because communication was flawless, the process unfolded without a glitch.

My husband and I highly recommend The Blake Group and Rich Gillman along with his talented team.

Dr. and Mrs. Rich G